The Bangles - Live in 1986 (Annotated Version)

This video is an ANNOTATED full performance of The Bangles concert from October, 1986 at the Syria Masque in Pittsburgh, PA. The annotations are my own additions meant to provide commentary and information for each moment of the concert. All information presented in the video is confirmed by The Bangles either in past interviews or on the official website of The Bangles:

I do not personally have any contact with the members of The Bangles. I'm just a fan who grew up enjoying their music in the 1980s and wanted to provide people with an opportunity to learn about The Bangles while watching them perform live.

If you would like to watch the entire concert without my annotations, you can find it here:

The playlist for the concert is below. I have purposely not included a time index for each song because my annotations are much more effective if the concert is seen from start to finish as opposed to skipping around from song to song. Enjoy the concert.

Let it go
Walking Down Your Street
Going Down to Liverpool
He's Got a Secret
September Gurls
If She Knew What She Wants
Return Post
Different Light
I Want You
Angel's Don't Fall Love
Hero Takes a Fall
Manic Monday
Walk Like an Egyptian

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