Romania: Europe's Most Unique Country (Travel Adventure)

Travel Documentary Romania. 🇷🇴 Part 2: This 8-day road trip will leave a lasting impression on you as it gives you an intimate look at life in Romania. Our Travel Vlog takes you to villages, cities, landscapes and people and explores the real, authentic Romania – a land of contrasts!

00:00 Intro
00:35 Transylvania & Bicaz Canyon
01:10 Moldavia Monastery
02:52 Suceava & Teenagers
06:12 Iași
09:13 Bârlad
10:52 Romanian Apartment
11:22 Traditional Market Bârlad
13:58 Poverty in Romania
20:02 Galați & Braila
21:21 Ferry Ride on Danube River
22:20 Priopcea Pass & Jurilovca
23:43 Argamum Fortress & Cape Dolosman
27:10 Dobrogea Canyon
28:04 Constanța
32:31 Bucharest by Night
34:28 Bucharest Obor Market
37:40 Bucharest & Palace of Parliament
39:18 Bucharest Ghetto Ferentari
41:54 Peleș Castle

Along the way, you meet the locals and get an insight into their lives, and come face-to-face with both the challenges and wonders of Romania. Be prepared to be captivated by the unexpected moments of our journey that will challenge your perceptions and captivate your heart (e.g., poverty in Romania, Orthodox Church).

From the vibrant cities of Bucharest, Iasi, and Suceava to lesser-known places like Bârlad, Braila, and Jurilovca (Tulcea County), you'll experience the cultural and social aspects of Romania, as well as its stunning landscapes. Discover the Danube Delta in Galati, the Black Sea in Constanta, the breathtaking canyons of Bicaz and Dobrogea, the Moldavia region with its magnificent monasteries and the beauty of Transylvania with a visit to Peleș Castle. And of course sample the flavors of Romanian food!

See this fascinating country like never before in 8 days.

Day 1: Transylvania, Bicaz Pass, Bicaz Gorges, Monastery of Saint Basil the Great in Bodești, Suceava & Iași
Day 2: Iași & Bârlad
Day 3: Bârlad & Galați
Day 4: Galati, Braila, Priopcea Pass & Jurilovca
Day 5: Jurilovca, Argamum Fortress, Cape Dolosman, Dobrogea Gorges & Constanța
Day 6: Constanța & Bucharest
Day 7: Bucharest
Day 8: Bucharest, Bucharest's ghetto Ferentari, Sinaia, Peleș Castle & Brașov

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Nicole & Roberto

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🙏🏻 Please help us support Romanian people in need by getting in touch with Ciprian, who works on the ground and directly assists those who are struggling. He can give you more information on how you can help too. To get involved, please contact Ciprian Nicușor Boboc (from Bârlad) on his Facebook profile:

Travel video 11 | Filmed November 2022
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