MARADONA - The Day D10S Unleashed His Own FIST OF FURY!!!

MARADONA - The Day D10S Unleashed His Own FIST OF FURY is a highlights feature of the day Diego physically exacted revenge on Athletic Bilbao, whose player Andoni Goikoetxea aka "the Butcher of Bibao" had a few months beforehand almost succeeded in inflicting a premature end to Maradona's career by intentionally breaking his ankle in a foul that was described as "one of the most brutal fouls ever delivered in the history of Spanish football".
This match, between Barcelona FC and Athletic Bilbao, which quickly descended into violent chaos was played at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium as the 1984 Copa Del Rey final, and it is interesting to note that for the majority of the game, the referee is reluctant to caution the Bilbao players despite their constant aggressive (and at times dangerous) tackles upon Maradona.
What is even more impressive, is that Maradona never shirks responsibility and continues to demand the ball at every moment, no matter what physical assault was to ensue. We often talk about Maradona's incredible skillset, his unequalled mastery of a football, but what is often overlooked is just how brave a player he was.

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