Red Beans & Rice - The Dark Side

CD, Compilation \ Released - Jul 19, 1999 \ Various – A Fourth Wave Of Bay Area Blues - A Collection Of Contemporary Blues Songs From San Francisco Bay Area Vol.4 \\ Lyrics: The Dark Side
when I first met you baby
he said you have and - hi
when I first met you baby you said you had hi
I couldn't see
what you were gonna do to me your dark
side dark side
I should have quit you baby
when a hand
the chance ooh
I should have talked to Bailey
we my harden belong to you
I wouldn't be sitting here crying
spend my whole life by you
your lovers worn to the touch
and he made me believe you all so nice
I love you so much baby
but now I know heart wrapped in ice
would you live pain the prize
when I first met you betta you said you
would always be by my side
and now my heart is
and I know that you like
my loving eyes couldn't see
but you were gonna
no my eyes couldn't see your jocks
doctor your daughter

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