Black Mesa Incident in Half-Life and all expansions, Definitive Cut - Synchronized Parallel POVs

This video covers the whole Half-Life 1 storyline across the main game and all its official expansions: Opposing Force, Blue Shift and Decay. This includes Op4 "Boot Camp", BS "Hazard Course", the intro map for "HC" from PS2 port of Half-Life and "Xen Attacks" bonus mission from Decay.
Every playable character from every official Half-Life 1 entry appears here: Gordon Freeman, Adrian Shephard, Barney Calhoun, Gina Cross, Colette Green and two vortigaunts, X-8973 and R-4913.

I made this version primarily to have the full project as one uninterrupted video, and to fix some issues, mainly concerning audio levels in moments when somebody speaks something story-related, but you can't hear them because there is a firefight in another footage. I also moved Decay outro forward a bit, because, for one, they clearly lost consciousness, so having them, Keller and other scientist to instantly move in the control room wouldn't make much sense; and also to make Keller and Rosenberg speak one at the time, unlike in the first video.

You may also notice now colored "blank" screens, inspired by Frozenhand00's "Half Life Anthology" video

The "Parallel points of view" thing was partially inspired by "Black-Mesa Disaster on one map" video from OWRING:

And this project in particular was inspired after watching Nixiner's "Half Life Sync walkthrough from all sides". Link to that video:

I understand that very few would find this entertaining, especially with how mediocre player I am, but I mostly did this as a challenge for myself to try and put all games together side by side in real time with as little cuts and fast-forwards as possible.

Blue Shift intro songs by Aslan Akhmetov (Black Mesa: Blue Shift OST):
Introduction I -
Introduction III -

Day One end song: Catalyst by Joel Nielsen (Black Mesa Xen OST) -
Outro song: Border Worlds by Joel Nielsen (Black Mesa Xen OST) -

Links to all additional stuff used for this:
Half-Life: Decay PC port -
Decay Classic Pack -
Decay Additional Patch -
Half-Life PS2 Hazard Course port -

Key moments:
0:00:00 - Boot Camp
0:17:03 - Security Hazard Course
0:28:41 - HEV Hazard Course
0:43:06 - Blue Shift start (skip training)
0:47:20 - Half-Life start, Gordon passes Barney
0:53:32 - Decay start, Barney sees Gordon on surveillance camera
1:00:19 - Barney sees Gina on surveillance camera
1:03:02 - Experiment and Resonance Cascade
1:06:40 - Gina and Colette regain consciousness
1:11:29 - Gordon regains consciousness
1:33:25 - Rosenberg calls for military
1:41:13 - Opposing Force start
2:08:58 - Gina and Colette find Gordon's dorm room
2:28:25 - Barney regains consciousness
2:46:40 - Barney hears HECU mention Shephard
3:37:43 - Gordon launches the rocket
3:48:40 - Gina and Colette see Barney jumping into a portal, Decay end
3:55:10 - Gordon is ambushed
4:16:43 - Barney sees soldiers dragging Gordon, Day One conclusion, Day Two start
5:00:30 - Xen Attacks start
5:05:20 - Shephard regains consciousness
5:08:55 - Xen Attacks end
5:34:00 - "Forget about Freeman"
6:18:15 - Shephard sees Gordon jumping into the teleport
6:56:50 - Gordon defeath Nihilanth, Half-Life end
7:53:26 - G-Man rearms the nuke
8:09:40 - Shephard defeats Gene Worm, Black Mesa incident ends

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