5 Epic Horror Games That Take Place In The Woods

Horror games come in different environments and settings, sometimes it can be haunted houses and in other times it's abandoned hotels and hospitals, the ultimate goal is to provide the most immersive experience possible for players. However, many of us can probably agree that the woods is definitely one of the best and scariest environments for horror games, because they're simply scary in real life too, and we don't even know what kind of things hiding behind their beautiful trees. And that's why in today's video we decided to list 5 epic and incredible horror game that take place in the woods, so we can prove that this setting is one of the most memorable ever.

1:49 Game 5
06:27 Game 4
11:20 Game 3
16:30 Game 2
20:35 Game 1

For walkthrough of Sons of the Forest check:

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