The Fascinating World of Insects

We’ve all got bug-bears about the insect world, they can be pretty annoying, buzzing, biting and being creepy – but without our invertebrate neighbours we’d be in serious trouble.
They clean up the planet for us, pollinate the plants we depend on and provide the bases of the food chain supporting all life including ourselves. With millions of years of fine-tuning, they are miniature marvels that the world just can’t live without…

We humans like to think we rule the world, but look a little closer – we are outnumbered by creatures that could have come from another planet. We don’t know how many species of insects there are on earth, perhaps 10 million, which would make up 90% of all life forms.

The skeleton of insects is on the outside, a chiton shell, lightweight and immensely strong.
Like miniature comic book superheroes, insects have bio-engineered body armour and built in weapons. Whatever their size, shape or lifespan, all insects devote their lives reproduction, regardless of predators and battling rivals, leaving a legacy, a new population of bugs to keep their dynasty alive.

Дата на публикация: 13 февруари, 2023
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