The HORRIFIC Torture Of German Women At The Hands Of Allied Soldiers

As the Second World War turned against the German Army, the Soviet Red Army and the Allies including the US Army and the British began to force the Wehrmacht back towards their homeland. However as they entered Germany, many soldiers committed horrific crimes against German women who lived inside of villages, towns and cities. The Soviet Red Army for example caused chaos inside of Berlin during the Battle of Berlin, as they hunted women and struck fear into their hearts. It's believed that there were millions of women who were victims of assault by the invading armies during the war.

Many could not live with their crimes, but also there were crimes committed by the American Army, and it's believed 11,000 women suffered at the hands of them. Also the British soldiers committed crimes against the female population of Germany, as did the French. But these crimes are not as well reported, but as the war came to a end many of the women who had been treated awfully were incredibly scared of the Allied soldiers, and not just the Soviets.

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Дата на публикация: 12 февруари, 2023
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