West Germany World Cup 1982 All Qualification Matches Highlights | Road to Spain | Die Mannschaft

00:00 Generic
00:11 Bulgaria - West Germany
03:13 Toni Schumacher
03:29 Albania - West Germany
04:31 West Germany - Austria
07:50 Finland - West Germany
08:53 Standings
09:03 West Germany - Finland
14:43 Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
14:59 Austria - West Germany
18:50 West Germany - Albania
22:53 West Germany - Bulgaria
26:45 Final Standings


Schumacher Harald, Kaltz Manfred, Stielike Ulrich, Förster Karl-Heinz, Briegel Hans-Peter, Breitner Paul, Schuster Bernhard, Magath Felix, Müller Hans, Rummenigge Karl-Heinz(c), Fischer Klaus


At the peak of their power by winning the 1980 European championship, the panzers are now on their way to the 1982 world cup under the leadership of Jupp Derwall! Competitors in the qualifying group are Austria, Bulgaria, Albania and Finland. Will there be a team that can surprise the Germans?


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