Doom 3 - Benchmark from Hell - Nvidia Geforce 256 to 7800 in 768P High Quality Preset

Do you want to play Doom3 on your Retro Machine?
Maybe this little Benchmark
will help to decide the best Graphics Card for you?
All Graphics Card were teste at 1024x768 (High Quality Preset) with AF/AA disabled.

My plan was to check out almost every NVidia GPU for AGP.
But i didn´t for some reasons:
*TNT2 was way to slow, so MX420 or MX4000.
(Geforce 2MX was a great budget Graphics Card so i take it)
*Geforce2ti is close to Ultra Level
*Geforce FX5600XT, FX5700VE/EP were on 5200 or 5600 Level
*Geforce FX5700Ultra is near on vanilla FX5800 Level
*Geforce 6600GT is near on vanilla 6800 Level
*Geforce FX 5950Ultra would not fit into my Testsystem
*Geforce 6800Ultra? the tested MSI NX6800GT runs at 350/1000 stock
*Riva128 Really?

0:00 Intro
0:35 Geforce256
5:30 Geforce2 GTS
9:20 Geforce2 MX
11:50 Geforce2 Ultra
16:25 Geforce3
21:42 Geforce3 Ti200
26:36 Geforce3 Ti500
30:04 Geforce4 MX440
33:55 Geforce4 MX460
38:18 Geforce4 Ti4200
41:36 Geforce4 Ti4400
45:11 Geforce4 Ti4600
48:56 FX5200LE 64Bit
50:55 GeforceFX 5200
53:53 FX5200 Ultra
56:12 GeforceFX 5600
59:27 GeforceFX 5800
1:02:42 GeforceFX 5900
1:06:19 Geforce 6600
1:10:14 Geforce 6800
1:13:45 Geforce 6800GT
1:16:58 Geforce 7800GS
1:21:13 Ranking

Дата на публикация: 1 февруари, 2023
Категория: Игри
Ключови думи: to In Hell From High quality doom 256 nvidia geforce benchmark 7800 768P Preset

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