The MOST Aggressive Cops of All NFS Games | NFS Most Wanted 2005

Just like the title and the thumbnail says, those cops are like that. Extremely hard and difficult to escape at the max heat levels. I love me an aggressive helicopter pilot. They don't make cops like these that much anymore. NFS Unbound was a nice attempt, but god those cop radio lines in that game were trash not gonna lie. I can't wait for the Unite Team to come up with project unite mod for unbound and make the cops the way they should be. Meanwhile, This is what it feels like to be the MOST WANTED racer in Rockport City.

Here are the stuff that makes this gameplay experience possible :


Other Mods:
Improved HUD (by Knighthunter):
relentless cops (by Jackjohnson):
Redux mod (by Kryzeeplays) (Password: Redux2.3) :
Extra Options Mod (by ExOpts Team):

Gameplay features:
- Aggressive helicopter
- Cross in every heat level
- HEAVIER Cop Cars
- More aggressive cop cars
- Cross being useful and actually being a threat in chase
- Quicker Pursuit escalation
- A Lot More cop cars
- Unused Dialogue being used in action
- Lower Heat levels contain Helicopter
- Heat 10 is nearly impossible to escape from
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