Catching Up With Jankos | EUphoria | 2023 LEC Winter S11 EP3

Jankos joins Drakos and Caedrel to talk about his new team and shares his thoughts on the results of Week 1.

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0:00 Intro

1:04 Champions Queue
3:44 New schedules
11:29 TH
14:07 Cleaning duty
20:02 Focus for next weeks
25:36 TH botlane, social media
30:21 Standings after Week 1
35:13 G2
40:08 VIT
42:49 MAD
43:43 XL
47:43 FNC
51:36 Jhin
53:29 BDS
1:02:40 Bo3 schedule
1:06:07 Next week preview
1:06:14 G2 vs. VIT
1:12:00 KOI

1:14:34 Outro

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