Deep Purple - Anya (from Come Hell or High Water) Bg subs (вградени)

Концерт от последното турне на Deep Purple с Ritchie Blackmore.

"Anya" Lyrics

I'm so far away
From everything you know
Your name is carried on the wind
Your ice blue waters Anya
Where do they flow
Where have they been
Where have they been

A hidden passion
Touching a spark
Flame of revolution
Burning wild in your gypsy heart
Your gypsy heart

Anya - The spirit of freedom
Anya - Oh Anya

The light of freedom buried
Deep within your soul
Across the puszta plain to see
The rhapsody of angels
Refuse to dance alone
What do they mean
What do they mean

Your jewel flashing
Across the dark
Forbidding distance
I love your gypsy heart
Your gypsy heart


Дата на публикация: 19 декември, 2022
Категория: Музика
Ключови думи: Hell From Bg deep High Or Water purple come subs anya вградени

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