W.I.T.C.H. - Season 1 | Opening Theme (UK English) (HD)

Do you know which one
Of us five controls the fire?
Which one is the queen of air?

Do you know which one
Can do magic tricks with water?
Who's got power over earth?

Come on...

You better run 'Cause W.I.T.C.H. will
strike together.

We're on, we're strong
Like nothing you've seen
We can save the day
From dark, from bad
They'll know what we mean
(They'll know what we mean)


We will turn this world
Around, no doubt
For once and for all.

US English
Season 1 Opening Theme (US English): https://youtu.be/YZPbW0wOLuU
Season 2 Opening Theme (US English): https://youtu.be/XELSk4MtQjY
End Credits (US English): https://youtu.be/m4GpoPGzBPs

UK English
Season 1 Opening Theme (UK English): https://youtu.be/WVAxcFqSwnc
Season 2 Opening Theme (UK English): https://youtu.be/ETSKVJydPuU
End Credits Version 1 (UK English): https://youtu.be/1JUY_GwY0WI
End Credits Version 2 (UK English): https://youtu.be/M-lqZyBEPq0
End Credits Version 3 (UK English): https://youtu.be/ztmttR8ttuE
End Credits Version 4 (UK English): https://youtu.be/dUz7bWPb71s
Episode "S is for Self" End Credits (UK English): https://youtu.be/oHQTlkUd2QQ

Season 1 Opening Theme (Hungarian): https://youtu.be/TuEfv0EUSAY
Season 2 Opening Theme (Hungarian): https://youtu.be/cqHbAe3fh4I

More Opening Theme & End Credits:

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