Two Steps From Hell & Thomas Bergersen - 36 Tracks Best of All time | Most Powerful Epic Music Mix

Two Steps From Hell & Thomas Bergersen - 36 Tracks Best of All time | Most Powerful Epic Music Mix
Two Steps From Hell best tracks of all time - Spotify Epic Music playlist:
The best selection from Two Steps From Hell and Thomas Bergersen. This is a perfect mix for introducing epic music to the world!

Huge thanks for composers, artists, labels that create the amazing music and artwork. Please find their info below and support them

Track list:
00:00:00 Heart of courage
"Dragon Cave" by Greg Rutkowski -
00:01:59 Archangel
Diablo III wallpaper -
00:04:35 For the win
Bahamut - FFXIV wallpaper -
00:06:46 Victory
"Victory in the colosseum" by Mathieu Seveno -
00:12:07 Flight of the silverbird
"High Aim" by Roberto Robert -
00:15:28 To glory
"Rise of The Horde Sarnuk bloodsoul" by Stanton Feng -
00:20:06 Protectors of the Earth
"Flying Death" by James Strehle -
00:22:58 Invincible
"Retribution" by TamplierPainter -
00:25:52 Blackheart
"The Black Mist" by Efflam Mercier -
00:30:18 Birth of a Hero
"大龙吐火" by Zhengyi Wang -
00:32:31 Never back down
"Swords" by Max Steksov -
00:35:27 Strength of a thousand men
00:37:46 Love & Loss
"attack" by Yujin kim -
00:39:37 After the fall
"Fallen Titans 1" by Jinho Bae -
00:42:04 Secret melody
"Sunday of Eagles" by Pablo Dominguez -
00:45:51 Unleashed
"The Winds Fury" by Sense Coll. -
00:51:16 Merchant prince
"Nomads" by Joan Piqué Llorens -
00:53:42 Freedom fighter
"The Nine" by Anato Finnstark -
00:56:15 Dragonwing
"Trail of the Gods" by Deiv Calviz (David Villegas) -
00:59:13 Pegasus
"The Guardian of the Stars" by ryky -
01:03:42 Breathe
art by ZUDartS Lee -
01:06:37 Black blade
01:09:45 Riders
"charge" by Christian Bravery -
"DEATH!" by Even Amundsen -
01:13:16 Tristan
"Mythical Monsters - Warrior" by Chang-Wei Chen -
01:15:50 Norwegian Pirate
"Horseman summoning" by
Darek Zabrocki -
01:18:52 Cassandra
"Red Forest clearing UE4" by Tyler Smith -
01:22:01 Winterspell
"Viserion's Gate" by AnthonyAvon -
"Winter Is Here" by Gavin O'Donnell -
01:25:21 Titan Dune
"Golden Guardian" by Svetlin Velinov -
01:27:34 Cry
"Sword" by Sergey Grechanyuk -
01:31:42 Impossible
Multiple artworks from "The king's journey" series by Anato Finnstark
01:40:34 The colonel
"Mineko" by Dao Trong Le -
01:43:05 Colors of love
"Dreams" by Valentina Remenar -
01:49:37 Never give up on your dreams
"Butterfly Mystery" by Harry(Zhilin) Tang -
01:54:57 Immortal
"Undead Overlord" by Greg Rutkowski -
01:59:05 Empire of angels
"The Bird" by Tiago Sousa -
02:04:22 Compass
"Land of Wonder" by Mina Lee -

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