Rainbow - Tearin' Out My Heart (Live in San Antonio 1982) Bg subs (вградени)

Writer(s): Blackmore Richard, Glover Roger D, Linquito Joseph Arthur

"Tearin' Out My Heart" lyrics

First time I saw your face
By your side was the only place
That I would wanna be
Sometimes and I don't know why
Love can come or it can pass you by
Now you take all the love you gave to me
(You take it from me)
You're tearin' out my heart
Oh -

Never thought I'd see the day
You would throw my love away
And oh... it's killing me
One thing you'll never know
How it hurts to let you go...
As you turn and walk away from me...
(Walk away)
You're tearin' out me heart
Feel like I been ripped apart
You're tearin' out my heart...

Daybreaks, I try to be free
But your memory is haunting me
Oh - there's nothing I can do
All alone in the candlelight
I see your face again tonight
And I feel all the emptiness without you
(Without you) tearin' out my heart
Oh, I feel like I been ripped apart
Tearin' out my heart...
Whoa... my heart

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