Есенна роза Ernesto Cortazar - Autumn Rose

Есенна роза Ernesto Cortazar - Autumn Rose
A Rose in Winter
The rose on snow lay... Live...
Breathed petals on a wind...
Whence you? Who so, beauty losing,
Hastened with a bouquet on a holiday, in the morning?
I see, how snowflakes, falling,
So quickly thaw in your petals,
Tears dark red flowing down...
The rose lay...
The Wind has abated...
Favourite more perfectly those snowflakes
All roses and petals in the winter
And hardly the thawed dewdrops
I want to be a wind, to be the friend for you..

Дата на публикация: 26 януари, 2022
Категория: Друго
Ключови думи: Rose autumn Роза ERNESTO CORTAZAR есенна

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