Liberalism vs Islam - Does Liberalism Require Domination of Islam?

DEBATE: things heat up after a long opening in Destiny's debate against Daniel Haqiqatjou on Liberalism vs Islam...

Date: 15 Jan, 2022

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00:00:00 Start
00:01:14 Daniel's opening
00:16:56 Destiny's response
00:26:54 Maximizing freedom and complete equality...
00:37:09 "Do you believe hierachies can exist under liberalism?"
00:43:04 LGBTQ in muslim societies...
01:00:50 Women seeking divorce in islam
01:10:19 The experience machine thought experiment
01:28:21 Q&A
01:43:28 Not unique to liberalism...
02:04:44 consummating marriage at 12 years old


Дата на публикация: 19 януари, 2022
Категория: Друго

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