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Daveed - Shine ( Guitar ) Biography
Daveed's musical journey began at the age of twelve when his mother bought him his first guitar. A self-taught musician, he was exposed to the sounds and rhythms of various cultures while traveling with his family to different parts of the world.
Daveed's music has a style and a signature that brings forth a unique genre, a fusion of passionate Spanish guitars, seductive R & B / Hip Hop rhythms intertwined with melodies and meditative vibes that serenade your soul and speak directly to your heart.
Successfully mastering the language of the guitar, the artist delivers powerful compositions creating a canvas of poetic, almost hypnotic sounds. A multi-instrumentalist he plays most of the instruments on the songs, his musical success is the direct result of personal labor. The gifted musician gradually built his recording studio in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles where he composes records and produces all the music including the 4 Cds - Dreams - Don't Be Sad - The Healing Garden - and - Songs From Beyond - .
The popularity of Daveed's sound has granted him national exposure. The music is regularly featured on Television including 'The Weather Channel', 'CBS', and 'ABC'. The songs are also favorites on various radio stations worldwide. In addition, Daveed's credits also include myriads of music compositions for over 200 bestselling - Yoga / Pilates / Meditation / Healing / Tai Chi fitness videos ( some of them worldwide bestsellers with over 15 million DVDs ). The music is also featured in various nationally successful commercials.
The latest CD titled,- Songs From Beyond - is released on his label Infinite Mind / DAS, it takes you on a magical journey serenaded by Spanish guitars smooth saxophones and violins, delicately balancing sounds of the East and West. Flavored with Flamenco/Hip-Hop/New Age elements, Daveed's music has a blissed-out aura, filled with an energy transcending time and space.

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