Тя е жената ♛ Rachel Ann Jensen 🔥 She is the woman Body of a Goddess - ✅ Тяло на богиня

My Hollywood Diva Rachel Ann Jensen. Rachel Ann Jensen Faucett (born November 19, 1972) is a former professional tennis player from the United States. Jensen was one of four sibling to play professional tennis, along with twin sister Rebecca and elder brothers Luke and Murphy, who won the French Open together.
Turning professional in 1991, Jensen was the only one of her siblings not to be a doubles specialist. She had a best ranking in singles of 237 in the world and took a set off the top seeded Mary Joe Fernandez at Indian Wells in 1993. As a doubles player she featured in the main draw of the 1991 US Open mixed doubles with brother Luke and the 1995 Australian Open women's doubles partnering Anke Huber.
She is now Rachel Faucett after marriage. Welcome to my vintage glamour world! I'm a hopeless nostalgic soul, and my aesthetic is centered around my passion for the beauty of yesteryear. I love the classic feminine silhouette and wear a corset almost daily - my hourglass figure has become my signature look. Expect to find old New York sprinkled in almost every backdrop of my weekly style posts. We love creating a mood and a feeling, so we work hard to bring you little "stories" with each photo.

My passion for classic style began as a little girl and reached new heights through a unique experience of living in Rome with my husband from 2009 to 2012. I was awakened with a new appreciation of the old world ways and during this time, my husband trained in the art of making bespoke suits and couture garments. After years of training and preparation, we have just opened our new bespoke tailor shop: Sartoria Jensen, in the Grammercy/Flatiron area of NYC.
New York City is an icon of glamour, and some of my favorite things to do are: spend hours at Met Museum, have a cocktail at Grand Central and wander aimlessly beneath it's celestial ceiling, have tea at the Plaza, and wander through miles and miles of Central Park beauty, especially in the Fall.

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