Предпазни маски за лице COVID-19 , които убиват коронавирус!!! Canada bans Graphene Masks - Face masks that contain graphene

Торонто потвърждават, че повърхността на маската Triomed Active убива над 99% от коронавирусите. "И то само в рамките на няколко минути", се казва в прессъобщение на университета. Това е "благословия" за работещите в здравния сектор, казват учените. Според експерти от Хонконг, коронавирусът се задържа до седем дни на повърхността на обикновените хирургически маски. Канадците обаче не са единствените, стигнали до този пробив. И учени от Техническия университет в Аахен, Германия, са изобретили съвместно със свои колеги от Свободния университет в Берлин маска за лице, която убива вирусите John Gordon, founder of Cradle Masks and inventor, an engineer and a product developer who has spent much of his career in China, manufacturing specialist survival clothing, is available for interview/broadcast media. COVID-19 is a new disease not previously identified in humans. Health Canada is closely tracking all potential drugs and vaccines in development in Canada and abroad. We are working with companies, academic research centres and investigators to help expedite the development and availability of treatments to prevent and treat COVID-19. Learn more about drugs and vaccines being developed or authorized for COVID-19.
The health and safety of all Canadians is Health Canada's top priority and we are taking urgent measures to protect consumers from illegal, false or misleading advertising of products claiming to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure COVID-19. These practices are deemed non-compliant with Canadian laws on advertising or marketing of health products.
To reflect our commitment to openness and transparency, the following table lists products and corresponding companies or advertising media found to engage in non-compliant marketing, since March 27, 2020. These incidents are currently under review or have been resolved. Health Canada took compliance and enforcement actions against these organizations, as required.
The inclusion of a specific product (and product name) in this table does not necessarily indicate that the manufacturer of the product has been involved in the non-compliant activity.
Summary table of advertising incidents addressed by Health Canada related to COVID-19 as of October 21, 2021


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Summary table of advertising incidents addressed by Health Canada related to COVID-19 as of October 14, 2021 - Ongoing
Product Name / Description Product Type Manufacturer/distributor involved with non-compliance Company / Advertising Media Claim
100% Mulberry Soft Silk Face Mask
Medical Devic
100% Mulberry Soft Silk Face Mask/Cover
Medical Devi
#Trending #COVID19 #COVID19Ontario #covid19sk #COVID19AB #WearAMask #WearADamnMask #Masks #MaskUp 100% Mulberry Soft Silk Face Mask/Cover with Adjustable Ear Loops, Breathable, Washable, Reusable Made in Canada - Sapphire Silk by SAEK
3-PLY surgical and procedural earl loop disposable masks
Medical Devic
Medical Devic
#covid...#coronavirus #staysafe...#stayhome #socialdistancing #corona #quarantine...
30 Filter Pack (ASTM-F2100
Medical Device
Check out this new local biz #yyc #canada #Canadian made surgical grade filters for your cloth masks! 30 Filter Pack (ASTM-F2100) https://fnfilters.ca/products/atsm-f2100-30-filter-pack #filters #astm2100 #MaskUp #COVID19 #coronavirus #supportlocal #COVID19AB #surgicalgrade #supportsmallbusiness
3M™ Aura™ Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask
3M™ VFlex™ Healthcare Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask, 1804, N95
3M™ VFlex™ Healthcare Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask, 1804S, N95, sma
Medical Devic
3S Masks
Medical Device
3S Mask
Blocks Covid-19
5 ply face mask
Medical Devic
Kronos Advanced technologies
#MadeinUSA #COVID19 #StayHome #FDAapproved #Niosh
50 Pack - 3 Ply Disposable Mask Civil Grade
20 Pack -5 Ply KN95 Disposable Face Mask FDA registered
Infrared Thermometer
Digital Thermometer
10 Pack PP+PE 35 gram Level 2 Medical Isolation Gown
100 Pack Nitrile Gloves medical grade
Automatic Soap Dispenser
10 Pack Face Shield
Pulse Oximeter
Providing Covid-19 PPE products to your door steps
PGE is an FDA Registered company and an authorized distributor for Covid-19 PPE response products.
New British brand, Cradle, aims to normalise and encourage use of masks in public with launch of anti-virus face masks that raise money for the NHS
New British brand Cradle has launched a range of protective anti-virus face masks, as Grant Shapps announces that face coverings will soon have to be worn by everyone on public transport.

The new government directive comes on the back of a worrying report that shows that, of six countries surveyed, Brits are the most reluctant to wear a face mask to protect themselves against the virus, are the least aware of the protection masks can offer, and are only half as likely as those in other countries to wear one. The study demonstrates how lack of awareness about using face masks is putting the UK, already carrying the highest death toll in Europe, at greater risk of non-compliance and of experiencing a second wave.
More than 50 countries, including Germany and France, have made wearing face masks mandatory in public. Our European neighbours have all learned the lessons from Asian countries such as South Korea and Hong Kong, where masks are commonly worn and infection rates have remained low. To date, Hong Kong, where 98% of its residents wear masks, has recorded only four COVID-19 related deaths in a densely packed population of 7.4 million.
The brand welcomes the government’s move, but Cradle is campaigning to normalise and encourage the wearing of masks everywhere in enclosed public spaces as a vital protective measure against a second wave during this crucial easing of lockdown. To help encourage this change in attitude, Cradle has committed to giving a donation for every mask to the NHS: 50p for every KN95 mask will be donated to the NHS Charities Together fund to help support those caring for people with the disease.

Dr Iain Ashworth, one of Cradle’s medical consultants explains:

“Scientists are still arguing about how fast we should be coming out of lockdown with many saying it is too soon. I believe that face masks should be mandatory everywhere right now to help prevent the dreaded second wave.
We know that wearing a face mask feels alien to most people in the UK - but this is no time to worry about looking a bit silly. If you want to get out of the house and start reliving your life then you need to be wearing a face mask.
Along with washing your hands regularly, wearing a mask is your most important protection against this virus - they protect you and they protect the people around you if you are unknowingly carrying the virus but not showing symptoms. It’s no coincidence that the countries with the lowest COVID-19 infection rates are also the ones where people have been wearing masks.”

Cradle Masks

Protective face masks can be a confusing area for the general public with various standards and certifications. Cradle aims to simplify the market by assembling a selection of the best quality, high-performance anti-viral face masks at a range of price points. All offer significantly higher protection than cloth or homemade versions.
Cradle believes that the NHS needs more than a weekly round of applause, and is donating 50p for every KN95 mask sold to support the NHS Charities Together.
Cradle’s top of the range KN95 respirator mask (sold in packs of five) offers the best protection available to the public. Its four layers of micro-filtering and a super fine biodegradable mesh textile filter out in excess of 95% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including airborne virus-laden moisture, saliva and bacteria.

There are two other surgical style masks in the range, one of which is certified for clinical use, and a child’s size mask.
The team behind the Cradle masks is expert in fabric technology and manufacturing and reinvests profits in to R&D to improve products and performance. The company continually monitors the market to ensure it offers the best value, comfort and practicality.
Cradle masks are all fully certified and compliant with the relevant international regulations and standards.

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