♛ Синя синя мечта ~🦋 Fiona Joy Hawkins 💙 Blue Dream S ღ 1 ♛

♛ Синя мечта ~🦋 Fiona Joy Hawkins 💙 Blue Dream S ღ 1 ♛
Lyrics: Фиона Джой Хокинс - Синя мечта
If you wanna burn a late night one
Get that eight by one
You gon' pay by one
If you rollin' with that eastside one
Put that B side on
Throw that three slide on
It gon' make you wanna lean
It gon' drop you to your knees
Enough of this will kill your enemies
Make them hit the floor and wipe it clean
Blue dream
Blue dream
Blue dream
Blue dream
Blue dream
Blue dream
Blue Dream was recorded as a single piece of music and that was always how I intended it to be heard. For the sake of radio and promotion, it was split into 22 index points to separate the themes. This is the first time I have made the album available digitally as a single file in full CD quality so that you can choose how to download (44.1 WAV or mp3)

This album was an Australian ARIA Finalist in 2008 and won three International Radio voted ZMR Awards.
Produced by the Founder of Windham Hill Records - Will Ackerman, Engineered/Mixed Corin Nelson and Mastered by Bob Ludwig, the album includes some industry greats like T-Bone Wolk (Hall and Oates), Jeff Haynes (Pat Metheny), Heather Rankin (Rankin Family) and crosses worlds from Australia, Ireland, Uganda & Africa to include genres crossing from neo-classical to Celtic to Jazz & New Age.
Gift yourself 1 hour 8 minutes, get a vino or a cuppa, find a comfy chair and take the journey

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