Mick Kolassa - Baby's Got Another Lover

Lyrics: Baby's got another lover,
something I don't understand.
Baby's got another lover,
it's something I don't understand.
Says she still loves me with all her heart.
This other lover ain't no natural man.
It's a chilling kind of love.
Ain't got no soft and tender ways.
It's a chilling killing kind of love.
Got no soft and tender ways.
Haunts on most every evening.
Wipes tears away everyone of the days.
I'm afraid this love is gonna kill her. God knows it's killing me.
I fear this love is gonna kill my baby.
God knows, God knows it's killing me.
Says she don't won't this kind of loving not long, no.
Problem is this will not set her free
She says love is only gotta mine and mighty lord
Says I got all her heart.
Only gotta mine and mighty lord. Not got all her heart.
Tell me what good do that do. This is tearing me apart.
(thanks to hussein_bro)

Дата на публикация: 16 август, 2021
Категория: Музика
Ключови думи: Baby another got Lover mick Kolassa

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