Doodle Champion Island Games - Princess Otohime & Urashima Taro Champion Outro

Doodle Champion Island Games - Princess Otohime & Urashima Taro Champion Outro One of the fun things about the Google homepage is “Doodles.” These are usually artistic versions of the Google logo, but sometimes they’re full-blown games. For the 2020 Summer Olympics—happening in 2021—Google went all out.
Typically, these are simple one-click games with minimal graphics. But for the Olympics, Google launched “Champion Island.” This is the largest Google Doodle game we’ve seen so far. Champion Island is an RPG with a bunch of minigames and areas to explore.The game will be available on the Google homepage starting Friday, July 22nd, 2021, which is the same day as the Opening Ceremonies. You can also play the game on the Google Doodle blog.
So what exactly is Champion Island? Let’s dive in.
The game starts with you in the role of “Lucky the Ninja Cat.” After you get past the first minigame you’re asked to join a team—Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green. There’s a global leaderboard that shows which team is winning, so choose wisely.
Once you have a team, the idea is to find the “champions” of each sport and challenge them to minigames. These champions are inspired by Japanese history and folklore. The games are introduced with fun animated cutscenes.In total, there are seven minigames, including table tennis, rugby, running, swimming, and climbing. Beyond those games, there are also side quests and other things to find. There’s a lot to explore, so don’t feel like you have to do it all in one sitting.

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