Chris ~ Cosey 💓️ Passion ♛ 🎵 ╰⊱♡⊱╮💓️ Trance Dark Music ¨˜'°º★¸.•´★¸.•_´¨ ( Darkness in music

Chris ~ Cosey 💓️ Passion ♛ 🎵 ╰⊱♡⊱╮💓️ Trance Dark Music ¨˜'°º★¸.•´★¸.•_´¨ ( Darkness in music ... Certain music is sometimes described as "dark" in a metaphorical sense. For example, "dark pop" is often indiscriminately applied to a wide range of disparate artists, but usually refers to popular music that incorporates synthesizers or a minor key.[1] In Germany, the term schwarze Szene ("black scene") has been "used since the 1990s to describe all the so called dark alternative music styles swirling around Goth: industrial, darkwave, electro, metal, neofolk and medieval, including BDSM/fetish culture".

Cold wave Dark cabaret Dark wave
Ethereal wave Neoclassical Death rock Ethereal Gothic country
Gothabilly Gothic Western Gothic metal Gothic rock Horror punk Neue Deutsche Todeskunst Pagan rock Witch house

Regional scenes

Camden Town Chicago Cleveland Singapore Dark Alternative Movement Toronto

Notable club nights

F Club (1977–1982) Le Phonographique (1979–2005) Batcave (1982–1985) Slimelight (1987–) Death Guild (1993–)

Notable events

Wave-Gotik-Treffen M'era Luna Festival Drop Dead Festival Lumous Gothic Festival Whitby Goth Weekend Convergence (goth festival) Bats Day in the Fun Park List of gothic festivals

Art and fashion

Art Fashion
Cybergoth Mall goth Lip Service

Film and literature

The Addams Family The Goodbye Family The Munsters Tim Burton Literature The Crow The Sandman My Immortal

Notable figures

Robert Smith Peter Murphy Siouxsie Sioux Cassandra Peterson/Elvira Ian Curtis Andrew Eldritch Trent Reznor

Notable bands

The Cure Bauhaus Siouxsie and the Banshees Joy Division The Sisters of Mercy The Damned

See also

Alternative fashion Aristocrat (fashion) Black metal Cyberpunk Dark ambient Dark culture Dark fantasy Dark pop Dark romanticism Dark academia Death-doom Doom metal Dream pop Electro-industrial Electronic body music Emo Fetish fashion
BDSM Industrial metal Industrial music Industrial rock Lolita fashion Lovecraftian horror Macabre Martial industrial New Romantic Neofolk Neo-Victorian Occult Post-industrial music Post-punk Psychobilly Punk subculture Rivethead Romanticism Scene Steampunk Symphonic metal Symphonic black metal Vampire lifestyle Vampire fiction Victorian fashion Weird fiction

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