ДЕЛФИН ~💜 TAYLOR LASHAE - DELPHINE ♛╰⊱♡⊱╮Oll is ℒℴѵℯ før➷ᵧₒᵤ

ДЕЛФИН ~💜 TAYLOR LASHAE - DELPHINE ♛╰⊱♡⊱╮Oll is ℒℴѵℯ før➷ᵧₒᵤ
Taylor Lashae is an American Instagram Model known as the "It-girl" in the modeling industry who has worked for several brands around the world. **Taylor Lashae** on a chair.
Taylor Lashae on a chair.
Photo of **Taylor Lashae** wears a black dress out in a garden.
Photo of Taylor Lashae wears a black dress out in a garden.
Lashae was born and raised in the state of Texas to French and Colombian parents. She grew up in the city of Houston. She grew up right next to NASA. Ever since she was a little girl she's had a creative edge. She would often dance in her own style and would make up plays with her brother. She was also a painter growing up too. She felt like she was always the ringleader planning the attacks of whatever she was obsessed with.
She was a student at the Nina Murano Studio where she learned the Meisner acting technique. She was also a member the AAA (amateur astrologers association) in New York City.
In her early 20's, Lashae moved to New York City to pursue her dreams as an actress. While there, she would also continue modeling and shooting with photographers. She lived in Brooklyn for about five years before relocating to Los Angeles, California.
Lashae has appeared in several short films such as: The After (2013), Je T'Adore (2014), and K4 1/2 (2014). She also starred in a music video for the song "Walking with a Ghost", by Megan and Tegan featuring Manilla Killah.
Photo of **Taylor Lashae** modeling out in a garden.
Photo of Taylor Lashae modeling out in a garden.
She modeled as a little girl, but it wasn't until later in life, at the age of 15 that she started being more aware that she has a talent for modeling. She worked at a popular online vintage shop and she would sometimes model for it and post them on her IG.
She later worked for an agency where she covered their social media and their fashion shows.
She has modeled for Pac sun, IamGia, and many others.
Since she was a teenager, she has had a steady following on Instagram. Having had experience doing the social media for the agency she worked at, she was also able to share many of the photos she had taken at fashion shows and other events. [1]
Personal Life
Lashae has said that she's a huge conspiracy theorist.
The hairstylist for her iconic hair is Sal Salcedo in Benjamin Salon in the Downtown Arts District of Los Angeles.
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