Черно сърце на две стъпки от Ада ♛ Two Steps From Hell - Blackheart (Star Craft)

Черно сърце ♛ Two Steps From Hell - Blackheart (Star Craft) Черно сърце ♛ Two Steps From Hell - Blackheart (Cinematic Video)
ТЕКСТ- ПРЕВОД - Let me tell you a story,
The story of a endless day,
The day I lost her,
The day she died in my arms,
The day she broke the promise,
The promise that she will never leave me,
The day I tried so hard to save her,
But in the end it doesn't matter,
The day I was left alone,
The day I asked the God,
The day I asked Why?,

The day I tasted blood,
The day I felt love,
The day I felt pain,
The pain of losing your loved ones,
The day I lost,
The reason to live,

The day i fought the skies,
The day i lost my brothers and sisters,
The day the sky cried,
The day when I cried,
The day the angels ravaged on us,
The day when i fought them,

The day I tried so hard,
The day I never wanted,
The day I tried to save her,
The day I felt dispair and pain,
The day I could not help,
The day I suffered,

The day we tried to fight,
The day we lost everything,
The day a new Era begins,
The day we lost but,
The day we got hope,
The day we knew,
That we are not alone,

The day I lost meaning,
Meaning of life,
The day I felt,
The day I had to live without her,
SkyWorld is the fourth public album by the group Two Steps from Hell, and was released in October 2012. The album contains 22 tracks written by composers Thomas J. Bergersen and Nick Phoenix. All tracks, except for Dark Ages, are brand new original tracks. The cover and sleeve are designed by Steven R. Gilmore, with the futuristic city illustration by Sergey Vorontsov.
On November 19, 2012 the album was made available through ExtremeMusic.[3]
This is the second album featuring tracks that have English lyrics, including Titan Dream (feat. C.C. White and Nick Phoenix), The End is the Beginning (feat. Nick Phoenix), and Back to the Earth (feat. Nick Phoenix).

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