Исус е възкресен !!! Jesus Is Resurrected - “O Grave, Where Is Thy Victory”

Исус е възкресен !!! Jesus Is Resurrected Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene and Other Women

● After Jesus was crucified, his body was wrapped in clean linen cloths and placed in a tomb belonging to Joseph of Arimathea, one of Jesus’ disciples (Matthew 27:57–60; Luke 23:50–53; John 19:38–42). This was done quickly because the Sabbath was about to begin.

● The morning after the Sabbath (April 6, AD 33), Mary Magdalene and other women returned to the tomb with spices and ointments to more thoroughly anoint and embalm Jesus’ body (Matthew 28:1; Mark 15:47–16:1).
— The precise time of the resurrection is not known.
— Mary arrived at or near dawn on Sunday morning (6:00 AM).
— The other women are identified by Mark.

● When Mary Magdalene and the other women came to the tomb it was empty (Matthew 28:2–4; Luke 24:1–4).
— JST Matthew 28 states, as Luke does, that there were two angels (v. 2, footnote 2a).

● An angel spoke the words that still thrill us today: “He is not here: for he is risen, as he said (Matthew 28:5–6; Luke 24:5–8).”

Other Early Appearances of Christ

● The other women ran quickly to tell the disciples He had risen (Matthew 28:7–8; Luke 24:8–9).

● Mary remained behind, weeping (John 20:11–18; Mark 16:9–11). Jesus appeared unto her there.
— This is the Mary who anointed Jesus’ feet with oil prior to his death (Matt.26:6–13)
— She had also been healed of seven evils by Jesus (Luke 8:1–3).

● Jesus appeared to the other women on their way to the disciples (Matthew 28:9–10).

● The disciples did not believe these faithful women at first (Mark 16:9–14).

Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

● Two of the disciples went (ran) to the tomb and found it empty (John 20:1–10).

● Two other disciples—Cleopas & his companion (Luke)—were sad as they walked along the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13–24).

● The resurrected Lord joined them and taught them as they walked (Luke 24:25–27).

● They returned to Jerusalem and heard of the resurrection (Luke 24:33–35). By this time, Christ has already appeared unto Peter.

The Resurrected Lord Appears to the Apostles

● The Apostles thought they were seeing a spirit when Christ appeared to them (Luke 24:36–37).

● The Savior’s reassurance to them clearly describes the nature of a resurrected being—having “flesh and bone” (Luke 24:38–43).

● Thomas was not there and did not believe the other Apostles’ testimonies that the Lord had been resurrected (John 20:24–25).

● Jesus later appeared to all of the Apostles, including Thomas, and he believed (John 20:26–29). President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Have you not heard others speak as Thomas spoke? ‘Give us,’ they say, ‘the empirical evidence. Prove before our very eyes, and our ears, and our hands, else we will not believe.’ This is the language of the time in which we live. Thomas the Doubter has become the example of men in all ages who refuse to accept other than that which they can physically prove and explain—as if they could prove love, or faith, or even such physical phenomena as electricity . . . To all within the sound of my voice who may have doubts, I repeat the words given Thomas as he felt the wounded hands of the Lord: ‘Be not faithless, but believing.’”1


Thousands of Early Witnesses to the Resurrection

● Mary Magdalene was the first to see the resurrected Christ (John 20:11–18).

● Jesus appeared to the other women on their way to tell the disciples (Matt. 28:9–10).

● Peter went to the tomb and shortly thereafter saw the risen Lord. (Luke 24:10–12).

● Jesus appeared unto Luke and Cleopas on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13–32).

● He appeared unto the Apostles, without Thomas, that evening (Luke 24:36–48).

● He appeared 8 days later to the Apostles, including Thomas (John 20:24–29).

● The eleven disciples met him on a mountain in Galilee (Matt. 28:16–18).

● He appeared again to the disciples on the shores of the Sea of Galilee (John 21:1–19).

● He was seen by more than 500 disciples at once on one occasion (1 Cor. 15:3–9).

● The Apostle Paul saw him on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1–6).

● The Apostle John saw him in vision on the Isle of Patmos (Rev. 1:10–19).

● Many faithful Saints were resurrected shortly after Christ rose from the tomb . . . and were seen by the disciples (Matt. 27:52–53).

● Jesus appeared also to the Nephites (3 Nephi 11:14–15).

● President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “No force beneath the heavens could now hold back the power of the Son of God. It was as if His Almighty Father could stand no more. The earth trembled. The guards fled. The stone was moved. The Lord of heaven and earth arose from the bier, shook off the burial clothes, and stepped forth to become the first fruits of them that slept. The empty tomb bore testimony of this greatest of all miracles. With the appearance of the risen Lord first to Mary and then to many others, even to upwards of five hundred, came the undeniable testimony of His everlasting power over life and death.”2

Early Attempts to Discredit the Resurrection

● There was no doubt that Jesus was dead on Friday (John 19:31–37).

● When Jesus predicted his resurrection, they pretended not to understand (John 2:18–22).

● The Pharisees understood perfectly what Jesus said, because they demanded that a guard be posted in front of the tomb so Christians could not steal his body and then pretend that He had risen (Matthew 27:57–66).

● The soldiers were terrified by the appearance of an angel (Matthew 28:2–4).

● Jewish religious leaders bribed the soldiers to keep silent about it (Matthew 28:11–15).

Modern Doubts about the Resurrection

● Studies consistently show that many ministers or leaders of Christian churches today do not believe in a literal resurrection. To many of them, the resurrection is a figurative concept, and it means something like the spirit rising to a heaven.

● They teach that we will be judged at the time of our death, with punishments or rewards at that time. The resurrection has no specific purpose in their doctrine.


The Resurrection Is Literal

● Job’s testimony of the resurrection and its connection to Christ (Job 19:25–27).

● Ezekiel’s vision of a valley full of bones that are resurrected to life (Ezekiel 37:1–10).

● Jesus demonstrated the tangible nature of a resurrected body (Luke 24:36–43).

The Resurrection Is Universal

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