Дух на Жена ~ Нощен блус ♛ Blue Haze ♛ Mind Blowing Woman ♛

Дух на Жена ~ Нощен блус ♛ Blue Haze ♛ Mind Blowing Woman ♛
This place a palace of light drawn with shade
Of silence and pretence a token of our trade
And here you and I lie wreathed in flames
All over a life lived by making up new games
Of gazes and whispers

I want you to know I still love you
Even though we've been dancing on broken glass,
Parade all your memories, for the moments we shared
Never fade away

I want you to know I still love you
When I walk down the memory lane
Where the night swears its love to the stars
There will be no more tears today, hey hey

We shared a penchant for cyanide praise
Fashioned our armours of empathy's malaise
And all of that hurt, and all of those words that we said
You'd think we poisoned the ground on which we tread
But the lining is silver

I want you to know I still love you...

The best of intentions will not see the road paved
The end of illusions, who could ever be saved
What's left behind in the storms that we braved
The troubles we find and the chances we waived

We're going where dreams really come true
And we won't be held back by our fears
Come hell or high water
We'll trust there's a life for us here this way

I want you to know I still love you...
My Dark Disquiet
Of course, that's tradition for any rockstar worth his or her salt, but she's keeping live music exciting with mind-blowing production and tight performances.
The mind-blowing range of emotions she displays, her exquisite face and her subtle quiet dignity with which she handles her character, will take her far in her film career.
He went on to describe it as the most surprising bit of television this week and the most mind-blowing, horrific and beautiful sequence of film
They were really down-to-earth people, but they had this art that was just mind-blowing.
It was mind-blowing to me -- it took on a life all its own!
However, he gave scores of nine for execution, eight for service and seven for mind-blowing tingliness.
It was exquisite, mind-blowing, impeccably done, and unforgettable
The pooram draws to a close with mind-blowing fireworks displays in the evening and in the wee hours of the next morning.

Дата на публикация: 29 ноември, 2020
Категория: Музика
Ключови думи: Blue На Жена mind woman haze БЛУС Blowing дух нощен

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