Jim Jones & Juelz Santana on Dipset's Influence, Takeoff, Kanye, Drill Music & More

Happy birthday Adam22! Happy Thanksgiving! For the occasion, we have one of the best and most delightful conversations ever with #JimJones and #JuelzSantana, who graced us with their presence to talk about fashion, longevity in the game, advice to kids on drill music, giving their candid take on current topics, their legendary status in the culture, and much more!

00:00 Intro
0:14 Breaking down the iconic Dipset Supreme shirt + How Jim Jones ushered Supreme into hip hop
3:45 Juelz used to hate the bootleg mixtape game back then but obviously, in retrospect, it made them super famous
5:05 Being from Harlem you always think you're the flyest, tryna outdo each other
5:52 Feeling amazing after almost 25 years in the game, now being on No Jumper, it feels great 6:28 About their lyrics, they never encouraged anybody to do anything, it was their lifestyle
7:50 Did Adam think about selling anything by listening to Dipset?
10:31 "Jim is a certified True legeeeeeeeeend!!" + How Jim got introduced to True Religion
13:35 Adam on Dipset photos old fits still looking fire compared to Joe Budden's
14:40 Jim was rockin Chrome Hearts super early on 2001
21:13 Juelz wanna do a pool celebrity tournament podcast, Lush says "Pooel Santana"
21:58 Jim Jones getting into it at the local gym viral video
23:21 Jim says we don't even know how deep their lingo goes, super technical
24:58 Adam says bring the Mobb Deep "dun" back, Jim says they were going crazy with the "dun"
26:26 "One thouwow is wild, I'm taking that!" - Jim
27:15 "No H***" started in high school, Jim had a whole "Pause Court and No H*** Court" back in the day
28:41 Jim is one of the adlibs goats
30:41 Juelz says they need more credit and recognition on how they influenced the use of samples 31:40 The "Nas is irrelevant" conversation sparked by 21 Savage
36:04 Juelz says it's the same thing for the "best rapper conversation" it's very much generational
38:20 "Just because you don't understand something, doesn't mean this rapper ain't saying anything"
39:16 Jim says drill is definitely not dumbed down hip hop and suggests listening way closer coz they're really be rappin
44:06 Dissin in drill is distasteful, media need to stop adding fuel to the fire
50:35 Juelz says label don't have a real bond with these young artists, Juelz wants to be a mentor
53:44 RIP Takeoff, Jim shares heartwarming stories about Takeoff
57:28 Juelz wants to make a Gangsta Grillz mixtape
59:01 Reflecting on Verzuz, Jim confirms Dipset were not prepared at all
1:01:25 Jim says that Verzuz night was still incredible, the energy, the love, the vibe
1:03:28 Zeke calling Juelz a "d*od*o m**get" on a mixtape??
1:07:38 Juelz started the "A!" craze!
1:10:23 About Kanye, it's always sad to see a brother going through it + Yeezy would not be the same without Ye, Adidas tryna keep selling them is lame, if they're done with Ye they should be done with him altogether
1:14:46 "The freedom of speech is very pricey" - Jim Jones
1:20:11 Mase's deal with Fivio, Jim explains why you can't just call bull if you don't know the whole story, when you come from nothing you can't be judged for signing any deal. No one ever really knows the ins and outs of any deals
1:24:33 Same for some producers complaining they got the shorthand of the stick in some situations, when most of them were ready to sell a beat for $500
1:25:46 Artist development is not even a thing anymore
1:26:24 Jim advice rappers to make sure they read their contracts, sign if it's a good fit for them at that moment, and if you do sign, stand on it, don't act like a B**TCHHHHH on social media after the fact
1:28:50 Juelz read a lot while he was in jail, about marketing and branding




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