Alex Hoffman: Why I Don't Like Wayne Shorter And His Music

Tenor Saxophonist Alex Hoffman made a statement F*@! Wayne Shorter on February 1st, 2013 during Wayne Shorter's Carnegie Hall concert. In this interview he explains his statements why. *Disclaimer - The Jazz Musician's Voice and Jonah Jonathan love Wayne Shorter and strongly disagree. Comments will now be closed on this video. Many people have taken this video to try to criticize me as an interviewer. I'd like to mention that my video helped facilitate an important discussion. Since the time that the video was made, Alex Hoffman has tried to have this video taken down. I have reminded him that he chose to do this interview and made it clear to me that he wanted his views to remain online. Hopefully one day, I'll get to do an interview with Wayne Shorter where we can talk about his music and his thoughts as the well respected master that he is. Future comments for this video should occur off youtube and should be kept civil.

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