TLDR: How Singapore has become a luxury 'airport' for birds

Many know Singapore as the home of one of the world’s best airports. But a lesser known fact is that it's also an aviary hotspot. With the recent cinereous vulture rescue and a number of rare bird sightings here, watch on to find out why Singapore is such a great roosting pit stop for these majestic birds?

Credits for images and footage of birds:

Long-eared owl: Keita Sin

Cinereous vulture: Mandai Wildlife Group, Adrian Silas Tay, Martin T.

Cinereous vulture and 4 Himalayan griffon vultures: Tan Gim Cheong

Cinereous vulture and grey-headed fish eagle: The Straits Times

Pitta bird: James Tann

Shorebirds: Alan Ow Yong

Brown fish owl: NParks

Mongolian plover: Mendis Tan

Дата на публикация: 25 януари, 2022
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