One Desire - "After You're Gone" (Official Video)

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ONE DESIRE released their self-titled debut to massive acclaim. With a true hit single, 'Hurt' (nearly 2 million views on Youtube, 3 million streams on Spotify) the band found their way to the forefront of the melodic rock scene. A couple of successful European tours with Eclipse and H.E.A.T were followed by more dates and festivals through the end of 2017, before the band headed back to the studio to start work on their sophomore release.

In the works for a little over two years, the resulting album “Midnight Empire” generously repays the long wait the fans have had to suffer for new music from the band. It’s a more mature, at times adventurous, album, but still with an unbelievable hookiness that fans know and love from the debut. This is simply your album of the year if you like, no LOVE Melodic Rock. It’s going to be quite impossible to top this!

1. Shadowman
2. After You’re Gone
3. Down And Dirty
4. Godsent Extasy
5. Through The Fire
6. Heroes
7. Rio
8. Battlefield Of Love
9. Killer Queen
10. Only When I Breathe

André Linman – lead vocals, guitars
Jimmy Westerlund – guitars, bg vocals, lead vocals (5)
Ossi Sivula – drums
Jonas Kuhlberg – bass

After You’re Gone written by:
Music: Jimmy Westerlund, Patrick Linman
Lyrics: Jimmy Westerlund, Andre Linman

Music video:
Directed by Ville Juurikkala
Edited by Joonas Syrjälä

Cinematographer: Ville Juurikkala
Actors: Mia Malinen, Kia Heiskanen
Pyrotechnicians: Markus Reijonen & Ossi S. Special thanks to Pyroman Finland Ltd
Helping Hand: Jesse Nissinen
Post Production Assistant: Jani Vuorialho

Дата на публикация: 26 февруари, 2020
Категория: Друго

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