Vibing On Fortnite

Yo I’m a goated Fortnite player
Add my PlayStation ItsYoBoySxpreme-
Add my Xbox also VibinKidz
My epic on Fortnite is Not_Sxpreme-_-
I will eventually vlog and tape stuff
Hmu on my insta for a Fortnite logo or a thumbnail
200 subs by 2021?
Sub to GucciDoggy My Brother For Minecraft and bo3 gameplays
Follow my tik tok thecolorperson
My instagram is itzchris23
Im a season 4 Fortnite player
I play modern warfare on Xbox
Should I show my face?!?
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Stay positive and frosty on the channel
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2020 has a bad start
Save Australia
Sub to Yt caliking for goated clips
Follow 24k.caliking on Xbox
His Personal Insta is @rhoadswayne
Join my clan! To join contact the leader on YouTube his channel is pointgod bot
I’m co-leader tryouts are available for two months
I’m writing this on Tuesday January 28th 2020 Tryouts stop in Monday , March 29th 2020
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Дата на публикация: 18 февруари, 2020
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