Women's World Cup 2019 Google Doodle (Day 1)! The 2019 Women’s World Cup google doodle

The 2019 Women’s World Cup google doodle=The 2019 Women’s World Cup google doodle=Today’s Doodle celebrates the eighth edition of the tournament with a collage of characters from our upcoming series of Doodles by guest artists representing each of the competing countries. Each Doodle will capture the local excitement of the World Cup competition as well as what soccer means to the guest artist personally.

Over the next month, players from the national teams of 24 countries will compete, with the final match in the biggest Women’s World Cup yet taking place on July 7th in Lyon, France. No one is more excited than ettie the French poussin, this year’s official mascot!

Seven teams will be making their eighth consecutive appearance in the Women’s World Cup, including the American team, who return as defending champions looking to win their fourth title this year. Four teams will be making their Women’s World Cup debut in 2019: Chile, Scotland, South Africa, and Jamaica—the first Caribbean team ever to qualify.

Best of luck to all the athletes, and let the games begin!

Дата на публикация: 6 юни, 2019
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