The Lion King (2019) Live Action Teaser Trailer #1 - Beyoncé, Donald Glover Disney Movie

Watch the official Watermelon Movies teaser trailer for The Lion King, A Live Action/CGI retelling of the classic Disney property starring Donald Glover, Beyoncé and Seth Rogen.

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NOTE: This is a Concept Trailer, I just wanted to see if I could create something that would resemble what we might see. Also, please argue with anyone who writes that the trailer is fake, it's honestly hilarious seeing how angry they get. LOVE U GUYS.

Donald Glover - Simba
Seth Rogen - Pumbaa
Keegan-Michael Key - Kamari
Billy Eichner- Timon
Chiwetel Ejiofor - Scar
James Earl Jones - Mufasa
Alfre Woodard - Sarabi
Eric André - Azizi
Beyoncé - Nala
John Kani - Rafiki
Florence Kasumba - Shenzi
John Oliver - Zazu

DISCLAIMER: We claim no ownership of intellectual property used in this video. All footage is the property of its respective owner. It is used under Fair Use laws permitting the use of copyrighted material for the purposes of commentary and parody.

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Дата на публикация: 20 октомври, 2018
Категория: Трейлъри и анимация
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