Top Dubstep Drops - Epic Motivational Mix 2

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Hey guys. We again selected the most motivating dubstep songs and put them into one amazing mix. I was so happy for more than 1500 subs. I hope you like it. If so, give us your like or you can subscribe us :) Show more for tracklist \/\/\/
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00:00 - Linkin Park - Crawling (SHVR Dubstep Remix)
02:50 - Hadouken! - Levitate (Koven Remix)
06:23 - Instrumental Core - The Angels Among Demons
09:31 - Halo 4 - Nemesis (1uP's 4 Shot Remix)
13:28 - Yh - Scars (Ft. Haley Midzor)
15:46 - Skrillex - Syndicate
17:07 - Lana Del Rey - Without You (Kill Paris Remix)
18:53 - Qulinez - Drop It
21:42 - Killsonik - Slaughterhouse (Gemini Remix)
25:23 - OVERWERK - Daybreak (GoPro HERO3 Edit)
28:45 - Tristam - Follow Me
31:41 - Linkin Park - In The End (Dubstep Remix)
34:50 - KillSonik - Bloodlust
36:17 - Korn - Get Up (Ft. Skrillex)
38:37 - Dj Butcher - Get Busy
42:29 - Structured Noises - Another World
45:22 - Muse - Knights of Cydonia (Nostalgia Dubstep Remix) -*EPIC VOICE!

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Warning! I do not take any credit nor do I own any rights to the music or pictures depicted in this video!! It was made simply for fun and the enjoyment of dubstep, for myself and others. All credit for these amazing songs (imo) goes to the skilled artists listed above and their respective record labels. If any artist/label does not approve of this video, please feel free to message me and I will immediately remove the video. Thanks

Дата на публикация: 19 октомври, 2018
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