10cc-I'm Not In Love-with scenes from Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night

Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night is a Golden Globe nominated CBS
television film starring Susan Dey as an abusive mother. The film, which
aired in October 1977, was written and produced by Joanna Lee and
featured a supporting cast including Rhea Perlman, Kevin McCarthy and
Natasha Ryan as Mary Jane Harper.[1]

A novelization of the film,
packaged and by-lined to give the impression of being the story source,
was published by Signet Books shortly after the film aired, to
capitalize on its ratings impact. (There is no record of the book having
ever existed prior to this paperback edition.) The stated authorship is
shared by Joanna Lee and [in smaller print] T.S. Cook. Given that the
book is a tie-in created after-the-fact, what the by-line implies, but
avoids particularizing, is that Cook actually wrote the novel based on
Lee's teleplay. As Cook would himself soon emerge as an award-winning
screenwriter (The China Syndrome), it's likely that Lee and he were
colleagues, and that he took the assignment at her behest. In media
tie-in terms, an adaptation presented in this manner is called an
"implied novelization."

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