Чанда Тарай - Епизод 36 - Промо - телевизия Zaiqa

Chanda Taray a brand new series for kids based on the story of cousins’ bonding. Faizan and Rizwan, are real brothers, who live with their wives and kids in different portions of the same house. Mothers of both families are always in competition with each other however the kids of both families are not just cousins but each others’ best friends & they try to spread love between the elders. They are adventurous and always come up with something new each day. The drama is an interesting blend of nostalgic memories of 80s and 90s kids and things enjoyed by present children. Filled with fun, adventure, humor, sentiments, and thrill, Chanda Taray is a roller coaster with twists and turns that kids will definitely enjoy.
Enjoy only on Zaiqa TV Monday - Wednesday AT 7:30 PM , Repeat Monday - Sunday at 5:00 pm , Thursday - Saturday at 7:30 pm .
Enjoy full Episode at www.zaiqatv.tv
Presented by IQ Studios .
Produced by Bilal Sharif
Directed by Amir Rao

Дата на публикация: 12 юли, 2018
Категория: Друго

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