Nightcore - Breathe (ka7erik Rejecred Mix) HD / Lyrics

First day in,
The perfect win,
No Loss for us,
A day no sin,
Looking through,
that tinted glass,
no war zone here,
Are lives where sheer,

Breaking in we see,
the torn up pieces we see,
The cracked inside, /x3
the darkness nights we show,
the wasted of our soul,
a creed begins are our needs ,
I Breathe.

I Breathe for you now,
yeah you see to the dark infested home,
Of my kind look inside,
past the guarded walls of..

Дата на публикация: 12 ноември, 2011
Категория: Музика
Ключови думи: Jack de House video MIX 2011 Tiesto Boom after vocal techno Breathe avicii Afro ka7erik aoki "Tomorrowland festival" "official movie" nightcore "nightcore breathe" rejecred belgium belgie Schorre "David Guetta" "Carl Cox" Outdoor "steve angello"

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