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There used to be a golden era of action movies when bodybuilding mentality hit Hollywood. This was all thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger - who became an action mega star and showed the world what a real massive physique looks like. This led to over the top action movies with mass monsters on the big screen. Today - that kind of physique isn't seen quite as often as it was in the 80's... but much like the many additions of divisions into the NPC and IFBB, we now have a wide range of incredible physiques on celebrities showing up in theatrical films.

That's why we decided to pick the top 5 celebrities with incredibly jacked and shredded physiques from 2017 and then let YOU vote and decide where they rank among each other. Jessenia Vice breaks down each candidate in the episode of This Or That above. Watch it and then vote in the video comments!

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Дата на публикация: 12 януари, 2018
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