The Worst Moment of Messi's Life ► Leaving in Disappointment & Tears ||HD||

The Worst Moment in Lionel Messi Career.

Messi Saddest Moment :
The saddest moment of possibly the greatest player ever to play the game. Leaving in shame , disappointments and tears. We all heard Messi is retiring from Argentina and international football. After losing 4, yes four finals (2014 WC Final & 07,15,16 Copa America Finals) he gives up. He says he did his best but it wasn't enough so he retires ! Leo Messi has NEVER showed his emotions in public but this time there is no hiding. For the first time ever he cried in public. For the first time ever we saw Messi crying ! Well, many said before he is an emotionless guy but today we know Messi cries too! He is a shy guy who doesn't reveal himself in public. But today he was holding nothing. That just shows how much this meant to the legend.
A sad day for football , sad day for true football fans .

Messi Retires from Argentina

Messi Retiring from National Team

Messi Crying

Messi Emotional

Sergio Aguero Says About Messi :
"There are several players who are evaluating not continuing with the national team," Aguero said. "This is the worst locker room I've ever been in, worse than the final in the World Cup in Brazil and the other Copa America."
Aguero -"It's the worst I've ever seen him in the dressing room after a game."

Messi has given football so much and now football is taking everything from him.......
Today Lionel Messi retired from international football. Messi announced his retirement from national team Argentina. But the way he is ending career is the worst possible way. No one should end their career like this. And for the possible best player ever it is just a shame. No way he deserves that. Sad day for football. One of the most cruel days in entire football history. Let's just hope no one exits like this for the sake of football. Injustice!

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