Lynyrd Skynyrd - The Last Rebel Full Album 1993

1. "Good Lovin's Hard to Find"
2. "One Thing"
3. "Can't Take That Away"
4. "Best Thing's In Life"
5. "The Last Rebel"
6. "Outta Hell In My Dodge"
7. "Kiss Your Freedom Goodbye"
8. "South Of Heaven"
9. "Love Don't Always Come Easy"
10. "Born to Run"

Gary Rossington -- guitar
Ed King -- guitar
Johnny Van Zant -- lead vocals
Leon Wilkeson -- bass
Billy Powell -- piano, Hammond organ, synthesizer
Randall Hall -- guitar
Kurt Custer -- drums, cymbals, percussion
Dale Krantz-Rossington -- background vocals

Дата на публикация: 16 септември, 2020
Категория: Музика
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