Battletech: Oath of Endosteel - Episode 3 - 3027 - Part 6

Summer Survery
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Battletech is the future of the 80s - empires crossing the stars engaging in combat with massive war machines known as Battlemechs. Their pilots, Mechwarriors, are the elite of the elite. We gather round terrain maps and throw dice to simulate the movement and weapons of these crews as they engage in battles for supremacy.

Join Gamemaster APGamingREAL as we delve tear up the countryside with EricVulgaris, NinjaSudo, and TheWizenedFool as we show the enemy who the real mechwarriors are.

Oath of Endosteel is the story of three noble families as they defend their planet and homeland from invaders, a generational story handing mechs and armies from heir to heir.

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