Артемизия Джентилески (Artemisia Gentileschi) и Реализмът в изкуството! С Google 427 г. от рождението на Артемизия Джентилески

Google Doodle Артемизия Джентилески (Artemisia Gentileschi) и Реализмът в изкуството! Днес Гугъл почете 427 години от рождението на Артемизия Джентилески Google. Today’s Doodle celebrates groundbreaking Italian artist Artemisia Gentileschi on her 427th birthday. Gentileschi is best known for her depictions of powerful heroines, many of which seem to reflect the prejudice and hardship she faced in her own life. Today she is considered one of the greatest female artists of the Baroque period.

Artemisia Gentileschi was born in Rome in present-day Italy on this day in 1593. Her father was a painter and trained young Gentileschi in the dramatic style developed by the master Caravaggio. At just 17, Gentileschi produced one of her most famous works, “Susanna and the Elders” (1610), which for many years was incorrectly credited to her father.

After Gentileschi fell victim to a tragic crime in her teen years, her father brought her art teacher to trial, and though he was found guilty, Gentileschi’s reputation was unjustly tarnished in the process. Gentileschi rose above these circumstances to achieve enormous success in a field typically reserved for men.

Among her many accomplishments, in 1616, she became the first woman accepted to the esteemed Accademia del Disegno (Academy of Design) in Florence. She received patronage from the famous Medici family and even struck up a friendship with the legendary scientist Galileo.

Following centuries of relative obscurity, Gentileschi’s paintings are today celebrated around the world, and an ornate plate rests in her honor as part of Judy Chicago’s iconic work “The Dinner Party” (1979).

Buon compleanno, Artemisia Gentileschi!

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