Pre-Human Vaults - Whirlwind Reaper (official video)

Directed by Christian Älvestam.
Edited and visual effects by Jani Stefanovic/Dreamdecipher Productions (

Whirlwind Reaper (lyrics)

Sticking to the agenda
through thick and thin
Carving out the blueprints to retribution
A war on ideology,
views and perspectives
A symphony in minor,
ticking faster and faster

Chosen innocence
Unsuspecting of the
beast of prey,
picking up the scent
Whetted appetite,
getting more intense
Calculated frenzy
Malevolent descent

He believes he's the new Messiah
The sower of blessed winds,
with slugs of belief
and shells of conviction
The sheep and their shepherd,
leaving a path of destruction behind
7/22: The whirlwind reaper

Blast wave of madness
Creation in reverse
Zeroed in on what is coming
Targeting what's next
Will we ever understand
the meaning behind this painting?
Its color composition,
manifesto and inward sense?

(repeat pre-chorus)
(repeat chorus x 2)

Pre-Human Vaults are:

Christian Älvestam - Vocals
Ronnie Björnström - Rhythm Guitar
Patrik Gardberg - Lead Guitar
Peter Nordin - Bass Guitar
Michael Gomez - Drums

Music by Ronnie Björnström
Lyrics by Christian Älvestam
Mixed & mastered by Ronnie Björnström & Christian Älvestam, with kind assistance from Plec
Additional backing vocals by Jocke Sund

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© & ℗ 2020 Pre-Human Vaults

Дата на публикация: 30 май, 2020
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