TOBi - Growth (Official Video)

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Directed by TOBi & Jacob Carlson
Animation by Connor Scheffler

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I call this shit post-traumatic growth, outta Hell
Free the ghost in the Shell
I propose a toast
To the homies on the low, locked down in a cell
Look how we arose
We gettin grown
We gettin bigger
We gettin blown
Exponential growth
Resume say Oluwatobi
Holy smokes, love ain't a joke
Self-love ain’t a joke
I tell my bro, “hold your head
I get you hope
I get you home
But I can’t bring you back, nah”
Not enough words said in life
That could bring you back
But i’m here, bigger
I’m bigger and better now, yeah yeah
I’m bigger and better now, whoa
Sailed across the Atlantic, this time with no shackles
Did we betray our families?
Begged forgiveness from ancestors
No family to access, four kids in a bedroom
Two boys on a mattress

Verse 2
Screaming, “RIP Lil Peep”
From my living room seat
Say hi to big bro for me
Words don’t stick till i’m stoned holy
OD, Hurricane TOBi
Blow tree, feel the breeze and the
And the
And the
And the rain on me
Cuz I’m running from the pressure
Running from the present
Running from it
Running from the pressure
Running from the present running from it
Yeah I know November
Yeah its for remembrance
Yeah I won’t forget ya
Yeah I got your number
Yeah I’ve never called it
Yeah I’m thinking bout it
Yeah baby I’m good
I’m good at moving on
Good at looking strong
Good at picking pieces up since lego blocks
I’ve been prepping for this moment way ahead of time
Cuz I’m good
Bigger and Better now
Bigger and Better now
Bigger and better now!

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Дата на публикация: 8 април, 2020
Категория: Друго

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