"Camille Claudel" Камий Клодел кралицата на бронза (Camille Claudel)

Bande-Annonce de "Camille Claudel" de Bruno Nuytten Камий Клодел кралицата на бронза (Camille Claudel) Today’s Doodle, illustrated by Paris-based artists Ichinori, celebrates French sculptor Camille Claudel on her 155th birthday. Facing many challenges as a woman in art, Claudel’s determination pushed her to continually break gender molds and create even in the face of adversity.

orn in Fère-en-Tardenois, Claudel began experimenting with clay as a child. At age 12, her father organized a visit from established sculptor Alfred Boucher, who took notice of Claudel’s burgeoning skills and advised Claudel to move to Paris to study art. Enrolling at the Académie Colarossi, Claudel worked on honing her craft before a fateful 1882 meeting with Boucher’s friend, renowned sculptor Auguste Rodin.
Claudel began training under Rodin in 1884, learning about his method of observing profiles and the importance of capturing expressions. Her sculptures, however, also had an impact on Rodin. For instance, her 1886 piece, “Jeune fille à la gerbe,” is widely considered to have inspired Rodin’s “Galatea,” completed a few years later.

Claudel and Rodin became romantically involved, resulting in two personally revealing sculptures, Persée et la Gorgone (Perseus and the Gorgon) and L'Âge mûr (The Age of Maturity). The former features a self-portrait of Claudel as the Gorgon Medusa and has often been interpreted as a contemplation of the uphill battle for recognition that she faced in her artistic career. Both pieces coincided with the end of their relationship in 1893.
Much of Claudel’s work resides in Musée Camille Claudel in Nogent-sur-Seine, which opened in 2017. Here, art lovers from around the world continue to appreciate Claudel’s oeuvre.

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