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Q: How old are you and where do you live?

A: 27 - Connecticut

Q: Why don't you stream on Twitch?

A: I am permanently banned from Twitch for streaming vanilla World of Warcraft private servers. Blizzard Entertainment does not like me or my content, and they have to remove the copyright strikes in order to unban me. Essentially, they are holding it over my head in retaliation for my opinions. Also, I do not agree with how Twitch manages their website and how poorly run it is due to their biases.

Q: When do you stream?

A: Usually any day after 6 PM EST unless I say I won't be on twitter.

Q: When did you first start playing WoW?

A: Christmas Day, 2004.

Q: Which characters have you played at 60?


+Undead Warlock (Vanilla - MC)

+Undead Rogue (Vanilla - MC)

+Tauren Warrior (Private - Just Dungeons)

+Tauren Druid (Private - MC)

+Undead Warlock (Private - MC/BWL)

+Dwarf Priest (Private - Naxx 40)

+Undead Priest (Private - MC)

+Orc Hunter (Private - MC/BWL)

Q: What will you play in Classic WoW?

A: Orc Hunter on Kirtonos server.

Q: Do you stream anything besides WoW?

A: I'll stream new releases, it just depends on the game.

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