TITANS FALL HARDER - Laser-Induced Obscurity [Official Video]

Official music video for "Laser-Induced Obscurity " from debut album 'Heavy Lies This Life' by TITANS FALL HARDER

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Recording, mixing, mastering by SUNTZU RECORDS // https://www.facebook.com/SunTzuRecords/

Directed by YannisLCR from L.C.R video//

Big thanks to l'Ampérage for their involvement in this project //

TITANS PRODUCTION // contact : titansfallharder@gmail.com

They are coming from the other side
We must stop the data flow before it takes control
A new enemy spreads out against humanity

The beast comes to devour
All carbon-based lifeforms
In its unending hunt for all life
The total anihiliation of everything , We have to fight back

Our world deconstructed
Reality starts to fade away

Like a swarm
The hives are controlled by a powerful mind
The core of the neural system that we have to tear apart

The offensive begins in the virtual realm
To the siege of power of the program
We've lost so many lives this is our final chance to end this war

Our world deconstructed
Reality starts to fade away

© 2019

Дата на публикация: 22 септември, 2019
Категория: Друго

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